The Empress Presents: She Loves Me; and Shows You How to Write a Love Letter

The Empress’ next show, She Loves Me, opens this weekend. This classic musical is all about the power of the pen to soften the heart. Because love letters are at the heart of this show, the Empress wants to teach you how to write a romantic love letter.

Why write a love letter you ask? In the age of 140 character tweets and instantly disappearing snapchats, a lengthy love letter will be a novel, tangible, and long-lasting way to impress your potential or existing mate. And, here’s how to do it. (Sources: The Art of Manliness blog and

State your purpose

Start your letter by telling your love that this is a love letter. We live in a “Bottom Line Up Front” world. So, even though your letter is meant to buck modern communication trends, make sure the first thing your love reads is the reason why he/she should keep reading.

Recall a Romantic Memory

Writing about a romantic memory of your love is sure to score you points for remembering the details of your past. It’s also a tried and true persuasion technique. Appealing to a shared history reminds your love how much they already know, love, and trust you, which primes them to be more receptive of the things you write next.

Tell Your Love All the Things You Love About Him/Her

This is the meat of your letter. Take some time to brainstorm and list all the things before turning them into sentences. Bonus points if you can make a smooth transition from the memory section to this section.

Tell Your Love How Your Life Has Changed for the Better Since Meeting Him/Her

People love hearing that they’ve made someone’s life better. It appeals to their nobler side. Your love will be no exception.

Reaffirm Your Love and Commitment

This part should not only reaffirm your commitment to your current relationship, but should also reassure your love of your commitment to your future together.

End with a Line that Sums up Your Love

It’s just good writing. And above all, be sincere. No amount of good writing or persuasion tactics will overcome a lack of authenticity in your letter.

Add Embellishments

Now that you’ve done the hard part of writing out your feelings, you can work on embellishing the final product. Use fancy stationery. Add a spritz of cologne or perfume. Enclosed some flower petals. Or, add a lipstick kiss. Do something that shows you took extra care in creating this letter just for your love.

For additional instruction and examples check out these articles at The Art of Manliness and wikiHow.

And, while you’re focusing on being romantic, take the time to invite your love to a romantic show at The Empress. She Loves Me is the perfect romantic musical comedy for date night. She Loves Me runs May 10 - May 25. Buy your tickets at today!

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