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Rexorth A11VO Hydraulic Pump: Powerful Performance, Amazing Durability

High Efficiency

The Rexroth A11VO hydraulic pump is a robust, high-performance device that can be used in a wide range of applications. Its compact design and durability makes it ideal for use in agricultural machinery, construction equipment and mining equipment. This hydraulic pump can be used in a variety of industries to provide power for hydraulic motors, valves and actuators.

The Rexroth A11VO hydraulic pump's high efficiency means it can be used to operate high-pressure systems without overheating or wearing down prematurely. It also has low operating noise levels, making it suitable for use in areas where quiet operation is essential (such as near residential areas). The pump's ability to withstand forces up to 1,000 bar ensures that it will perform reliably even under demanding conditions and maintain its performance over time.

The Rexroth A11VO hydraulic pump features an internal lubrication system that uses oil from an external reservoir rather than oil within the pump itself. This means more efficient operation because there is no need to drain out any excess oil after each service cycle. In addition, there are no oil seals that could wear out over time, so less maintenance is required overall compared with other types of hydraulic pumps.

High Pressure

Rexroth A11VO Hydraulic Pump is a compact and high pressure hydraulic pump. The pump is designed for use in mobile construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other hydraulic applications. This hydraulic pump can handle 500 bar (7050 psi) of pressure and flows up to 12.5 l/min.

The A11VO is built with the newest generation of VSD (variable speed drive) technology that allows the user to vary the speed of operation from 0-3000 rpm. This allows for precise control over the amount of flow and pressure needed for any application. The VSD also provides very low noise levels at all speeds, which means less maintenance and downtime for your equipment.

The Rexroth A11VO has an oil capacity of 6 liters (1.6 gallons). This makes it ideal for applications where there is little room for spare parts or water supplies due to weight constraints such as those found on most construction equipment like excavators, loaders, bulldozers and graders etc.. This hydraulic pump is also suitable for many other types of applications such as mining equipment, agricultural machinery, industrial robots etc..

Compact Design

Rexroth A11VO Hydraulic Pump: Powerful Performance, Amazing Durability

Rexroth A11VO hydraulic pump is a reliable, high-quality product made by Rexroth Corporation. It features a compact design and delivers powerful performance with less maintenance required. The Rexroth A11VO hydraulic pump is suitable for most industrial applications.

The Rexroth A11VO is designed to deliver up to 1,300 psi (8,300 kPa) of pressure with a flow rate of 636 gpm (2,100 l/min) at 350 psi (2400 kPa). The Rexroth A11VO is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. This hydraulic pump has an oil capacity of 4 quarts (3.8 liters).

This hydraulic pump features an open design that allows for easy access to the internal components for maintenance purposes. The Rexroth A11VO also includes a mounting bracket that makes it easy to install and mount on any machine or equipment with limited space available.


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