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The Empress encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition. The Empress is committed to providing a space for community and inclusion free from discrimination.



• Casting Authority: The Production Team with Artistic Director Approval.
• Individuals who may view your audition information: Production Director, Choreographer, Music Director, and Stage Manager. Other approved individuals may view the information as needed, including Theatre Artistic Management, Theatre Stage Management, and more.
• Who is at Callbacks: Production Team (Director, Choreographer, Music Director, Rehearsal Pianist, Stage Manager) and Theatre Artistic Management
• Portions of this audition and/or callback may be recorded or photographed at the Director’s discretion. All recordings will only be used by the production team and will be destroyed after callbacks.
• Actors will be expected to help build, paint, and strike the set.
• There may be understudies and/or standby performers for this production, at the discretion of the production team.
• This production will have a designated day off of Sunday, meaning no mandatory rehearsals will be scheduled on Sundays. Sundays may be utilized for optional activities, such as set building or review time.



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