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Mission Statement of OHPAA

The mission of the Oquirrh Hills Performing Arts Alliance is to cultivate and advance the performing arts in Magna Township and surrounding areas.  OHPAA will work to create a distinguished arena for nurturing local talent and to provide cultural and educational experiences for the entire community by maintaining high standards of family oriented, quality programs and performances.

Executive Committee

Marie Roe


The chair shall, subject to the direction and supervision of the Board of Trustees: (i) Have general and active control of the OHPAA Board of Trustees, officers and agents; (ii) preside at all meetings of the Board of Trustees; (iii) see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Trustees are carried into effect; and (iv) perform all other duties incident to the office of chair and as from time to time may be assigned to her/him by the Board of Trustees; (v) will be a voting member of the board in all matters. (vi) will be the Chief Executive Officer under the direction and supervision of the board in the event an Executive Director is not established.

Krystle Ricks

OHPAA Vice Chair

The vice-chair shall assist the chair and shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the chair or by the Board of Trustees.  

Natalie Grange

OHPAA Treasurer 

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial security of the OHPAA. 

Position Open

OHPAA Secretary

The secretary is responsible for for all of the minutes of the various committees.  They are invited to each committee meeting to take notes and provide previous notes when asked for them. 

OHPAA General Board Members

Eric Barney
Sheay Neilson

Barry Ricks *Actor Advocate
Amanda Robison
Jason Sabin
Rachel Sabin
Sara VanRoosendaal

Get Involved

Applications to join the OHPAA Board are available at the link below. Following March 31, 2023, all new applications may be reviewed on a rolling basis. Individuals interested in joining the OHPAA board are encouraged to submit an application and attend an OHPAA Meeting as a member of the General Public. OHPAA meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM at The Empress Theatre.

Board Member Form

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