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Mission Statement of OHPAA

The mission of the Oquirrh Hills Performing Arts Alliance is to cultivate and advance the performing arts in Magna Township and surrounding areas.  OHPAA will work to create a distinguished arena for nurturing local talent and to provide cultural and educational experiences for the entire community by maintaining high standards of family oriented, quality programs and performances.

Executive Committee

Suzanne Whiting


Suzanne is responsible for guiding the objectives, mission and development of the Oquirrh Hills Performing Arts Alliance (OHPAA) the Board of Directors that provide funding for operations at The Empress.  The OHPAA board identifies and hires the Executive and Artistic Directors and works very closely with them on advancing the programs and offerings of The Empress that are in-line with the OHPAA mission statement.

Suzanne is married and has wonderful children and grand children. When not working to better the theatre, she enjoys making quilts or painting. 

Joshua Adams

OHPAA Vice Chair

Joshua is responsible for guiding Various Committees, finding funding and, putting together the annual Gala.  

Jeannine Hawkins

OHPAA Treasurer 

Jeannine is responsible for maintaing the financial security of the OHPAA. 

Merilee Adams

OHPAA Secretary

Merilee is responsible for for all of the minutes of the various committees.  She is invited to each committee meeting to take notes and provide previous notes when asked for them. 

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