Many thanks to all the generous sponsors and donors for the support that makes the Empress Theatre's vibrant and valuable contribution to our community possible. 

The Empress Theatre is Proudly Supported by


Sovereign Society Members 2022

Matthew Jones & Family

Rachel & Jason Sabin

Josh & Jeanine Hawkins

Leslie Webb

Barbara Howard

Sharon & David Sonnenreich

David Osborn

David Pack

Pamela Zainer

Individual Donors

Lori Bishop

Katy Carroll

Rene Crawford

Colby, Normandy, & Krista Dougal

Michelle Dyreng

Karen Fitch

Teresa Gomez

Allison Kemp

Zoe Krieger

Carolyn Lai

Kandic Leonard

Wayne MacCabe

Jacob Mote

Kennedy Parker

Kaija Puikkonen

Sophie Stephens

Michael Swensen

Janice Takagi

Shauna Thompson

Dugan Wightman

Katie Wilkinson